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Tim Nader’s father was a naturalized citizen who immigrated from Lebanon.  After serving in the U.S. Army in World War II, he moved to California, where Tim was born and taught in the Chula Vista schools for 25 years.

Tim overcame a near-crippling case of severe asthma as a child and became active in the community at an early age, serving four years on the Chula Vista Youth Commission and two years as an ex-officio member of the city’s Environmental Control Commission before graduating from high school

Tim attended U.C. Berkeley and graduated magna cum laude before attending law school.  After passing the California Bar Exam on his first attempt, Tim worked for two years on the staff of the Honorable Don Work, California Court of Appeal, before taking a job as a criminal prosecutor at the office of the California Attorney General.

Tim worked for seven years as a prosecutor, helping protect the public from dangerous criminals such as gang murderers, rapists, and fraudsters.  In 1991, Tim was elected Mayor of Chula Vista. 

Tim’s term as Mayor was marked by his belief that public safety should be the government’s top priority.  Tim oversaw the biggest expansion of the Police Department in the city’s history and advocated tough anti-crime laws.  At the same time, Tim understood putting people in jail was not enough by itself to protect the public from the crime that ravaged California at the time.  Tim initiated new programs for troubled young people to give them new educational, economic, and recreational opportunities, and to bring youth, police, and community together.  

Tim also stood for the environment, even when it wasn’t always popular with special interests.  Under Tim’s leadership, Chula Vista became one of the first cities in the world to begin planning to reduce its carbon footprint.


Tim saw the affordable housing crisis coming and initiated new support for affordable housing in Chula Vista.  After leaving office as Mayor, Tim worked as an affordable housing developer for several years before returning to the practice of law as a child support attorney.  In 2008, Tim was hired by the Civil Division of the California Attorney General’s office, where he has worked the past 12 years handling some of the State’s most complex civil litigation.  

In 2010, concerned by abuse of power, violations of constitutional rights, and corruption at his hometown community college, Tim was elected to the first of three terms on the Southwestern Community College Board.  Tim led a housecleaning at the college.  Ultimately several high-ranking administrators and former Board member pled guilty to corruption charges, and respect for the Constitution and the rule of law became new college policy, earning Tim the support of teachers, employees, and law enforcement.  Tim has been a leader on the college board in promoting equal opportunity, earning him the support of top experts in the field.  As a former Mayor and prosecutor, Tim has supported the work of the college Police Department in protecting the safety of students, earning him the support of the Southwestern College Police Officers Association.

Tim is one of five men in the 48-year history of the top women’s rights legal organization in San Diego, the Lawyers Club, to serve on its Board and as a Vice President.  

Tim is the candidate who has a proven record of working to fight crime, support public safety, protect the environment, and promote the equal rights of all Americans.  

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